Certainty-Based Marking (CBM) and Moodle

Certainty-Based Marking (CBM: see LAPT) was devised to reward students for distinguishing between uncertain and reliable answers. It enhances student reflection and assessment reliability. The best way to use CBM with Moodle quizzes is EITHER to use Moodle 2.6 with the plugin for CBM grade reports, OR to install the patches below for earlier versions. See also Using CBM in Moodle Documents.

Specific Features available for Moodle versions Downloads.   Click the link here to download code patches for Moodle versions before 2.6. These don't affect database structures, or functionality when CBM behaviour isn't selected. Installation is easily reversed if you wish, by copying in the folder containing the original versions of the files that are changed. There is a forum for any discussion, suggestions or report of problems.

Demonstration Sites: These are demo sites to show what effects the patches for older Moodle versions will have
(1) with Moodle 2.4 Dec 2012. Login as a 'test student' with username = 'moodler', password = 'moodler' . Email me for access as a teacher.
(2) with Moodle 2.2 (Moodle 2.3 available code is similar). Login as a 'test student' with username = 'moodler', password = 'moodler'. Email me for access as a teacher.
(3) with Moodle 1.9. Login as a 'test student' with username = 'moodler', password = 'moodler', or register in your own name and ask to have the role of 'teacher' (further instructions on each site).

CBM in LAPT (London Agreed Protocol for Teaching)
LAPT (www.ucl.ac.uk/lapt is software developed by me at University College London (UCL) for student self-tests with CBM. In many respects it is more efficient and easier to use for this purpose than Moodle, and is freely available for use by other institutions. It presents scores as "Accuracy", "Knowledge" (corrected for guessing), with and without the "CBM Bonus" for good discrimination.

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