CBM downloads available to enhance Moodle [14 Sept 2020]

CBM GRADE SUMMARY - The ESSENTIAL PLUGIN for CBM Grade Reports in Moodle 2.3 - 3.9
Available also from the official Moodle PLUGIN site
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NOTES: The correct version of this plugin is essential for teachers viewing CBM grades in Moodle 2.6+
Unzip the downloaded file and copy the folder 'cbmgrades' with all its contents into the folder /moodle/mod/quiz/reports/ in your system.
Start Moodle as Administrator, and then click 'Upgrade Database' when requested.
Access to the Report is then available when you select a quiz and under Quiz Administration click Results - CBM Grades.

CODE CHANGES for installation or improvement of CBM in Moodle 1.9 - 3.8
For Moodle 2.6+ the patches below include the essential Plugin for CBM Grade Summary Reports (above).
For Moodle 2.3-2.5 you can also install the Plugin above, but it isn't essential since the code ensures that basic CBM data is included in standard reports.

** If you want Moodle Grades (when using CBM) to be based on CB Accuracy (= Accuracy + CB Bonus: maximum 100%), which rewards good discrimination while maintaining comparability with conventional grades, then use the 'plus' downloads below, marked **, which include a modified version of the Plugin above, as well as necessary changes in core code. [NB This will only affect grades for quiz attempts AFTER the installation. Retrospective 'regrading' of attempts should not be attempted for CBM Grades based on CB Accuracy: the regrading core code makes simplifying assumptions that cause errors when grades are based on CB Accuracy.]

If you don't use the 'plus' files, Moodle grades will be based on CBM Average marks per question (maximum 3 times the grade value set for the quiz, or 300%). [NB Make sure in that case that you set the Unlimited Grades admin setting to allow grades above 100% to be shown in gradebook screens. NB Changing this setting will only affect grades for quiz attempts made AFTER the change.]


Please enter your email address for contact if there are updates or issues about your download:

INSTALLATION NOTES: Each downloadable file, once unzipped, contains two folders for the selected Moodle version.
After unzipping, compare the original files (under .orig) with those in your installation, e.g. using DiffMerge (www.sourcegear.com/diffmerge).
If there are differences, because your download is for a slightly different Moodle version or your files have been altered, keep backups.
Don't worry if the ONLY difference is in the file version.php, so long as your version is within the range indicated for your version in the download list above
  -   this file will not be overwritten when you copy in the cbm files.
Now copy all the files and folders in the .cbm folder (in a single operation) into your moodle/ folder, to overwrite the existing files.
Check that the files in the .cbm folder have permissions set to be executable by anyone (code 755).
Restart your browser to ensure Moodle uses the new rather than cached file versions (or use Moodle's 'purge all caches').

If you want to remove the new functionality, copy back in in the files in the .orig folder (with the exception of version.php at the top level), or use backup files you made before the installation.
To combine CBM functionality with variants of your own, you will need to edit together the two sets of modifications.
The CBM modifications do not alter functionality if you don't choose to use the CBM quiz behaviour options for your quizzes.

Links (opening in a separate window or tab)Any problems: please contact me.
Tony Gardner-Medwin ucgbarg@ucl.ac.uk