photo Tony (A.R.) Gardner-Medwin
Emeritus Professor, Department of Physiology (NPP), UCL,  London
Phone: +44 (0)20 7607 7135
E-mail a.gardner-medwin <at>


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  • Tony Gardner-Medwin is an emeritus professor of physiology at UCL, with a background in biophysics, computational and experimental neuroscience. He has introduced many teaching initiatives into the curricula at UCL, particularly using computers to free teachers' time for the face-to-face roles where they are essential. He has focussed for many years on Certainty-Based Marking, to derive maximal advantage from use of objective test questions: to challenge students more effectively in self-tests and to render summative assessments more reliable and better measures of knowledge.

    Principal Research Interests:
    Theoretical and experimental neurobiology. Representations of sensory information, related to learning and inference. Long-Term Potentiation. Bayesian algorithms related to neural function. Quantification and neural correlates of knowledge and uncertainty. Confidence as a pedagogic issue. Sleep function.  Monitoring sleepiness. Disorders of the neural environment. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magneto-Encephalography. Visual and vestibulo-ocular psychophysics. Cochlear Mechanics. Electrophysiology, biophysics, psychophysics.